No information available for Area Code 889

889-441-5503: This person with a foreign accent tried to tell me that something was wrong with my computer and wanted me to pay to have it fixed...I questioned how he knew, where was he located ( he indicated Las Vegas), and exactly what was wrong. when I said Las Vegas Area Code was not 889, he hung up..

889-371-1853: Phone rings, I answer, it goes beep and then says goodbye.

889-200-9095: i want to track the address of this person is this

889-675-0202: track number

889-874-1669: Please, i want to know subscriber name and address.

889-217-3325: ...even got my damn information. Good thing I have fraud protection. This is the first time Big Banks came through...

889-217-3325: This bastard tried to scam me for almost 14K on an online purchase in GA. I live in ID and the sale in CA. I have my CC on me and have no idea how this person who put Alfred Matta as their information on the company website.

889-918-7313: This number called as a courtesy from VA credit union. I didnt answer or respond, but the same day my credit card information was comprimised. Someone spend money at a Kroger in Houston, TX. I have not been to TX in over a year. Thankfully my credit card company blocked my account for "suspicious activity" before they spent all of my money.

889-801-4387: find this number

889-493-0084: who is this idiot bludy fucker he is teasing my sis

889-777-1117: Received call from 889-777-1117 on my business line. No message. Thanks to a quick google search while the phone was still ringing, I found this website and so did not answer.
By the way, phone scammer's computers keep track when you pick up the phone for these annoying calls, and sell your number to more scammers. They make money (and you'll get more calls) even if you've never bought a single thing over the phone in your life.

889-777-1117: Called the office and asked if we were moving. I said no. Asked if we will be moving in the next few months. I said no. Caller hung up.