Non Regional / Toll Free

888-823-3792: This Number is from Xoom Energy Services; a provider of Electric and Natural Gas Service.

888-799-8011: they can't laugh in English, let alone try to scam someone!

888-387-1659: I do use charter but caller id says, TOLL FREE CALLER. They did allow me to press 1 to be removed from the calling list, which i did. Now, let see, if it works.

888-594-0049: Dr Reid Hamamoto, Kapaa, HI

888-409-5060: never heard of this person, as they did not identify themselves or who they were or worked for....

888-296-0988: Got a call from 888-296-0988 said it was fraud dept. It was legit. But I did call the number on the back of my cc just to be sure.

888-493-5690: They were telling me how they can help me get a better score on my credit report but the number does not exist, so be aware of scam, because they're out there

888-436-3553: Let message of "goodbye".

888-272-3183: vbvbv

888-553-1355: telemarketer

888-896-5828: This is a customer service survey for AAA Life Insurance after you have spoken with one of their reps.

888-296-0988: While you may have a legit fraudulent charge, this may be a scam. Always call the number on the back of your card, rather than using the number provided via phone call or text. No credit card company should be calling you and asking for your info. I read another article about this, and I wonder if maybe someone gets your cc number, makes a purchase, then puts the scam in motion. I dunno, could be just a crazy idea. In any case, just be safe and use the number on your card!!!

888-323-1721: g3x4h1

888-897-6121: THEN PAY UR BILLS DB

888-804-9074: quien me esta llamando

888-269-7049: This number is registered to United American Insurance Company

888-212-4481: Call 07-14-14 no message.

888-506-6149: More than once, all hang up calls.

888-296-0988: After receiving text, I called the number on the back of my credit card (not number texted). I did have charges I had not made on my card. Citibank had declined the charges and canceled card. I told them about text, especially as they do not have my cell phone number. They told me the text was fraud because they did not have my cell phone number on file (I had never given it to them). Very very strange altogether!

888-301-0702: i got wrong call from this number. please share with his details with me