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888-387-1659: An unsolicited cold call from Charter.

888-221-6490: This Company(Condis Technologies) is a very good and professional about their whatever they do. They help me out to fix my 5 computer and 3 home computer from virus. I got the FBI Virus on my all computer. These guyz fix that problem that for me in a reasonable price.

Thanks You

888-317-8071: karen johnson

888-322-5213: They called, but left no messages!

888-254-4045: This a scammy magazine company that tricks you into costly renewals and uses your bank account info without your consent. They call from other numbers as well and put a "new" operator to get you to believe it is a courtesy call and then the claws come out when they transfer you to the supervisor.

888-671-5813: No message left. Don't know who this is.

888-673-8490: They keep calling but never leave a voice message or why they are calling in the first place. Called the number back on a seprate phone and a recording says who they are but their organizational name is unclear/unintelligible (on purpose) so I can not confirm who they are (via the internet) or what they want, however the answering service indicates they are collecting on an account. I firmly believe they are a fraud because we do not have an account with any organization they profess to be, they should write a letter rathter than use a phone number we have not given our and imply they know me. They will start by asking to enter your account (which you won't know because you don't have one!) then they will say if you don't know your account number give us your name and ..... Nope, it ain't happening. Putting this number on BLOCKED as FRAUD/TRASH/GARBAGE/SCAM, take your pick.

888-683-5223: This # calls me every day and has been for about 2 weeks! I don't answer any numbers from my cell I don't know, and they never leave a message. I did try to call the number back from a landline and it doesn't even ring. Shady! I just set up my phone to auto reject.

888-608-5860: Received a letter in the mail saying that I had won prizes. I'm suppose to call this number. Of course they don't know they are dealing with a very skeptical 68 year old man. I am so tired of this junk mail. Why can't the government do something about it. Oh yeah they are to busy ripping us off also.

888-797-5966: It's Carrington College.

888-844-1536: Whoever is behind this number has been charging my bank account for 4 months. I hope to get ahold of someone on monday.

888-983-6271: It must be a scam because we do not own any time shares.

888-296-0988: TOTALLY LEGIT! I got an email stating fraudulent activity in the amount of $813 at Walgreens. I didn't reply thru the email's contact phone number (because I was suspicious) but instead called the number ON THE BACK OF MY CITICARD. After punching in my card number after the prompt, I was automatically connected with the Citibank Fraud department and was informed that YES, there was an $813 transaction on my card. The card was then closed and I am being issued a new card.
If you get this email or text, just call the number on your Citibank card. It takes two minutes and can save you a fortune.

888-683-5223: These people called and didn't left a msg..idiots!!

888-296-0988: This is scam. I just called Citicards using the number on the back of my card and they said there has been no attempt to call or text me about my account. always call the number on the back of your card.

888-201-6031: none

888-472-8723: sasasasasa

888-674-7878: Annyoying calls all odd times on my cell number this is a mess. I am on the do not call list.

888-449-3607: Scam Watcher is right and "No One" is either wrong or lying. This number belongs to a scam artist who asks for your social security number, and says that you are past due on your ComEd bill and must pay it in order not to be shut off. They then tell you that you MUST use their prepaid Visa cards that you MUST purchase from them in order to pay the bill and not be shut off. I didn't give them any information, and we are not past due, and you shouldn't either even if you are past due. ComEd doesn't call on past due balances. Visit their website and you will see the News Release on these scam artists who are apparently also going door to door pretending to be ComEd officials.

888-296-0988: This is not fraud, I called the number on the back of my card. I suggest everyone do the same. As above a new card was issued