State/Province: California


858-244-8969: No message left.I don't know anyone in California. I figured if they are interested in talking to someone they could have left a message.

858-427-2564: shialong

858-576-8708: Caller keeps calling then hangs up prior to announcing identity.

858-909-8816: This phone number is an automated system that threatens to take legal action they don't tell you who they are calling for amd only hang up after you press 1 to speak to someon. If you do call them back the lady that answers is not only rude but says she has a right to call you bc you have a phone. She will accuse you of being rude when you try to ask her to stop calling you and she will hang up on you. If you ask to speak to her manager she will tell you you have no business calling them amd make rude noises into the phone.

858-525-5117: Called, asked for my dad. When I asked if I could take a message, he just mumbled "No, I'll call back later" and hung up.

858-362-6135: Called, left no message 6/18/2014 11:19EDT

858-541-0116: Call with hang up.

858-914-5229: Axiom Promo, asked for "jack" by name, asked who's calling. Hung up on me immediately. Don't know what they want, recommend not to pick up at all.

858-522-6398: Where is this number from

858-241-5847: Calls and when I answer, hangs up

858-242-5848: Call from

858-240-4079: i was wondering if who is this number trying to call me

858-513-5000: this number keeps calling me telling me I got in a car accident when I didn't

858-345-4774: Don't know who they are but they keep calling me. I'm assuming it's a debt collector, because I'm on the don't call (thingy)...

858-324-2843: number shows up on file several times but the phone hasn't even rung

858-605-0682: mnlknlkn

858-524-5117: Some type of muscle supplement company, I believe.

858-240-4078: Man calls talking in Filipino and when I tell him that I can't understand him, he switches to English. He then talks in Filipino again and asks me about my relatives living in the Philippines. I hung up on him and this number keeps calling me back

858-356-5090: who is this

858-571-7723: why is pac bell calling on a number you can't call back on???