State/Province: California


858-240-4079: i was wondering if who is this number trying to call me

858-513-5000: this number keeps calling me telling me I got in a car accident when I didn't

858-345-4774: Don't know who they are but they keep calling me. I'm assuming it's a debt collector, because I'm on the don't call (thingy)...

858-324-2843: number shows up on file several times but the phone hasn't even rung

858-605-0682: mnlknlkn

858-524-5117: Some type of muscle supplement company, I believe.

858-240-4078: Man calls talking in Filipino and when I tell him that I can't understand him, he switches to English. He then talks in Filipino again and asks me about my relatives living in the Philippines. I hung up on him and this number keeps calling me back

858-356-5090: who is this

858-571-7723: why is pac bell calling on a number you can't call back on???

858-277-2461: I called them back from their caller ID and spoke with someone who stated right upfront they sell ad space on shopping carts. I said no thanks and he easily got off the phone with me so no problem.

858-391-4121: They use multiple numbers and identifiers to bypass my blocked number list. Not worthy of support even if this is the charity. Paid solicitors are no different than Do Not Call violators.

858-324-2843: same thing as Tony and Ben

858-578-7086: "Customer Center" on caller id. Rang once, then nothing.

858-560-2600: Number of mcm inc debt collection

858-300-1135: Constant call where no one answers when called back . if answered hangs up immediately

858-391-4121: I got a call from them and they did not leave a message. They may be Environmental Defense Fund....a good organization.

858-240-4079: Someone has been calling me in this number every other day. It's really annoying but I just ignore it...

858-362-6153: This is a company called Agent Advantage out of San Diego, CA. More commonly known as Homes.Com. They telemarket real estate agents. They never leave a message

858-848-8514: caller info?

858-277-2461: they sell advertising on supermarket carts. They called me 8 times in a row! Avoid them, they are like little children.