Non Regional / Toll Free

855-289-3474: I got a call from this number. It was a company called Connect Your Home. They were calling in regards to setting me up with home services such as TV, Internet, Home Security, Etc. I looked them up at

855-601-2254: 3callsintwodays

855-708-3838: Called to feature my business on king 5 and I was suspicious right away.It was same guy Cameron.

855-239-9766: They claimed to be from great lakes arbitration saying they were following up on a litigation against me and that I had to get back with them immediately or they would have the police come pick me up at work. I checked online and this is a scare scam. I called them back and asked them their address, they replied by asking me my number, I said before I give you any information I need additional information about them, what is your address? at which point they hung up. SCAM.

855-214-9613: This number pops up on my computer with an error code ox8oo70424, stall
all operation on the computer, I could not operate the computer. I called the number only to get an international tech. assistant asking for to gain remote control access to down load some form of software to the computer, after he had instructed me to put the computer into safe mode. He was unable to gain access, so instructed me to go to a webpage to download it. I caught his suspicion then and hanged up the phone. Several days before the same person called me,telling me he was going to block out my computer, and I was not going to operate, shortly after the pop came on the computer while I was trying to access the internet for my gmail

855-275-7180: for the last three days I have received calls from this number or same area code and prefix, but last four digits are 7181. They hang up as soon as I answer.

855-880-4592: someone called me about the Josie Donaway file (#293470); I don't know who Josie Donaway is. The caller didn't leave any other message. I search the phone number, but it is not registered. I will not going to call back to this phone number, I'm pretty sure it is a scam. Beware.

855-854-0345: Collection company/Debt collector

855-350-2509: They say that they are calling from the Department of Labor Services...there is no such department...ridiculous!

855-673-2114: Call leave a message saying they want to serve me with summons. Never do answer the call. Who is doing this. The phone company needs to stop these calls immediately!!

855-783-4424: Calls several times a day. I called back and left message to stop calling, yea right, that helped. When you do answer no one responds, what do they wsnt?

855-464-3101: Debt Collector called Patient Service Center some
where East Coast. 8-10 EST M-F

855-456-4017: This is XMRadio's marketing line

855-677-5446: It's Century Link, the cable provider

855-708-3838: same experience here - Cameron from King5 news. When I called back and his voicemail didn't say anything about King5, but said "if you are a customer, call 855..." I got suspicious, hung up and found these comments. Glad I didn't waste my time!

855-790-0087: Guy called

855-465-4125: Why are they keep calling me

855-731-5135: ID Carmichael, Ross and Smith no message

855-253-1055: K12 - I had called to request information last year and they were following up.

855-275-7181: Received two calls so far. If they do not leave message I do not call back.