Non Regional / Toll Free

855-338-8866: Someone called from this # at my work place. My personnel connected the call to me and it rang twice and hung up

855-291-8628: Scam! Don't renew your subscriptions to any magazine through this fake service.. and don't give them any credit card info--they might have the main numbers, but DON'T give them the CCV security code from the back of your card! They claimed to be from Atlantic Monthly, in our case...

855-746-9200: 855-746-9200 is the number for Showing Assist. They are an automated appointment scheduling service for real estate "showing" appointments during the selling process.

855-900-7878: call from 855 900 7878. This is a scammers number. It pretends the call comes from Barclaycard US. They ask you to enter your 16 digit card number. If you do this you've just given them access to your credit card

855-830-7140: Luis left a message wanting to inquire about my wife's AXA account. He was very secretive about what he wanted.

855-479-9878: Don't know who this number belongs to. Got a call but didn't answer and they didn't leave a message. Unknown caller

855-507-7423: fricerigt

855-217-0073: SATELLITE provider

855-783-4424: glad to see we are not the only ones, at least 10 times a day. I've never had anyone on other end, and when I called back also left a message. please how do we end this non stop.

855-230-4268: zdfcvx z√

855-283-1736: This a**hole called saying he was from Microsoft

855-239-9766: I dont understand why people get so mad at debt collectors HONESTLY! Clearly you know you took out the money , you obviously know your goin to have to pay it back. So why make a big deal over it? Just pay your bills in the first place and you wouldnt be in the situation that you are in and having them call you!

855-239-9766: A male left a message stating he had an important legal information I needed to call back or my personal rep needed to call back. I called to get information and he said he could not send me any documentation, I owe $1875 to a payday loan. I asked who he was and he said he worked for the loan company and the attorneys.

855-217-0073: Scam robo call for get rich quick. Calls a lot -- so block it the first time you see it.

855-675-7457: Third party delivery agent for Lowe's

855-431-5771: This is a number to Wells Fargo Central Sales

855-783-4424: I receive calls from this number numerous times each day. I usually let the answer machine pick up and they hang up and do not leave a message. Today I picked up the phone and said nothing until a woman said "hello". I replied "hello" and she asked if she could speak to my husband (using his name). I told her no and she replied that she would call back later. I told her not to bother because he was not here as he is dead - DEAD- (spelling that out for her). She started some kind of comment like "I know, but" and I immediately hung up. It seems like since there are so many complaints about this number, that someone could do something about it. Apparently it doesn't do much good to register with the so-called "don't call" list.

855-853-7044: Actually, there is such an entity. They are a debt collector for defaulted student loans.

855-206-8347: What they they some how called me from a local number left message with female voice an case # plus the 855-206-8347 I called the local # where the call came from. I was a law office but they said they didn't call me I gave the them the case # there wasn't anything with my name on in their office. They said if they call back don't answer it.

855-305-6083: a