Non Regional / Toll Free

855-677-5446: It's Century Link, the cable provider

855-708-3838: same experience here - Cameron from King5 news. When I called back and his voicemail didn't say anything about King5, but said "if you are a customer, call 855..." I got suspicious, hung up and found these comments. Glad I didn't waste my time!

855-790-0087: Guy called

855-465-4125: Why are they keep calling me

855-731-5135: ID Carmichael, Ross and Smith no message

855-253-1055: K12 - I had called to request information last year and they were following up.

855-275-7181: Received two calls so far. If they do not leave message I do not call back.

855-584-6184: Same as above, automated message asking if I knew a certain person and if not to press 2.

855-283-3956: Caller says they are UPS and they have your first name and they say to call them about a package

855-222-4011: the number was from bender and beneder

855-584-6184: automated message asking if you know a particular person they are trying to find.

855-584-6184: they said they're an investigator looking for an individual but that's about it

855-809-6121: Received a number of threatening calls from this number regarding a supposed debt yet they are unwilling to provide information without me providing a social security number.... they have contacted family members and stated that it's in regards to a claim. They have threatened to take me to court, stop by my relative's residence, etc and i am still unable to get info on what this is in regards to, They have never called my personal number nor have they mailed anything, they just continue to call the numbers of my relatives. The name of the company is Goldstein and Associates and they are not a law firm

855-513-5987: call to a cell, no message and my thought is must be really important if not leaving a message. So guess the call will be in phone fairy land

855-816-7992: 8558167992

855-404-0160: thanks for the info

855-608-7625: FedEx - this is a SPAM call, they are working with American Express (Open), cold calling in an attempt to drum up business. SPAM.

855-359-8506: Caller ID shows 408-786-9612, but it's a scam: someone saying name is Chantelle Long left a cryptic message to this number (855-359-8506) ext 013. I found a website (argusconsumerlaw), and this number is included in a whole listing of numbers for GC Services, who has multiple lawsuits against them for harassing people and making fake debt collection claims. My phone number and name must have been sold by T-mobile (my service provider) because I have never given the phone number out--I use a web-based phone number, and I don't have any credit or loans so it can't be for real!

855-253-1055: K12 asking for "scott"

855-750-5850: They called from an AZ # claiming to be from 10News trying to get me to give them money for advertising