State/Province: Florida


786-204-4358: Same here. I don't speak one word of Spanish and I have no clue what the speaker said.

786-233-7761: Got a text from
Saying, "You've w on! Call 786/233/7761"
Huh? I enter contests all the time, but this freaks me out...a text message?! that's weird

786-204-4348: Called, no message. I never answer numbers not already in my phone. That's why they make voice mail. From reading previous posted comments, it seems to be part of a robo call system for scammers.

786-565-4490: Its a scammer

786-204-4358: Call from Spanish speaking female. Didn't understand.

786-565-4490: I want to know whose # is this

786-204-4358: This number called me today, the phone rang once then they hung up, I refuse to call them back out of fear their Spammers!

786-259-6877: want to know who's calling

786-204-4358: rec'd my 1st call from this number today - I did answer as I was awaiting an out of state call, but this wasn't it. added to my reject call list so hopefully that will stop them from bothering again. And why doesn't Verizon, my carrier, stop this crap?

786-204-4358: They call me here in Nashville at least one time a month and I never answer

786-345-1570: awk

786-464-8751: This guy called our office asking to speak to "the doctor", I politely said that he is with patients and that I cannot pull him out of the room unless it is urgent, he says "this is urgent and the doctor is expecting my phone call, I'm sure if you tell him I am on the phone he will come out of the room", ... So I politely said Unless this is urgent I cannot pull him out of the room, he repeated himself, so I ask who he is and what company he is calling with, he says "This is Joe and this is a personal matter" ... My doctor refused to talk to the guy because he couldn't properly identify himself. I got back on the phone and told Joe that I would be happy to take a message for him, but the doctor was not expecting any phones calls and will not be able to come to the phone right now, he yells at me and says "FINE ILL JUST CALL HIS CELL"... stupid idiot wasting my time!

786-204-4358: 786-204-4358 ...These are serial dialing criminals out to scam/spam and search for human owner verification of numbers bought from blackmarket lists. These calls are an invasion of constitutional rights and the owners of these numbers should be jailed and fined heavily.

786-758-5065: Cobradores de Fist bank de Puerto Rico, collection debt

786-536-8223: She is more friendly escort company.

786-204-4358: Called me during my nap time, please stop

786-465-4184: Some ladies called me telling me that I had won an English course and then they were charging me $159.00 Be careful it might be a scam!!!

786-465-4184: some idiots offer me a english class and then ask for money...

786-429-6357: someone keeps calling dn hanging up

786-629-6509: They don't leave any message, but when you call back there's an answer machine that wants to take you to a representative, "your call is important to us, please wait until I transfer you to a representative..." so it looks like a marketing thing