State/Province: Florida


786-505-1247: says hes a global furniture place and lies he also goes by many different names such as allen smith, david,and cecil

786-204-4358: Got call, didn't answer. Good by jerks.

786-204-4358: This number called mine and my husband's phone the same day. Left no message, out of service when called back.

786-204-4358: I got call late at nite.didnt answer they didn't leave a message..SCAM ALERT!

786-279-4897: I receive a call from same company and they said that I won a package to learn English I pretended to be interested and ask them a lot of questions, the first guy that answer the phone told me his name was a lawyer named Victor Soto he told me that in order to receive the package i needed to give them my address and full name and i did then he transfer me to his supervisor Carlos Gonzales he ask me for a money order made to TVO for $149.00 dollars i ask him how come i needed to pay if it was free gift he was very rude and told me that if i wanted my password i needed to pay the money on Wednesday march 19th. he basically hang up on me, then i receive another phone call from the first guy Victor Soto he told me that i needed the password so i could receive my free package, i agree and he transfer me to a lady she didn't give me her name, she told me that i was being recorded and i said don't worry I'm recording you too she didn't comment on that, she told me that in order for me to receive my free gift I needed to agree to a verbal agreement and that after i had agreed to it I could not cancel it. this is the address I got from them 127 W. Ave. Miami Florida phone number 786-279-4897 the original call enter thru a local number 909-575-5531 of course all fake. the free gift included an English learning package and $2,500.00 dollars by a bonus coupon witch I needed to use thru catalogs. anyways be aware. I wanted to share this information I hope it helps. God bless.

786-505-1247: What name(s) did he give??

786-345-1587: stop calling

786-278-1585: Quie es.?

786-278-1585: Me llama 10 veces al dia

786-204-4358: Weird...what the fuck is wrong with ppl and there bullshit. Stop calling my number!


786-505-1247: he call my business and say he pay me 300 in iowa

786-505-1247: The person on the phone answeredto different names at different times. They asked a lot of personal information without giving and detail to their requests. PURE SCAM

786-204-4358: Caller ID: Florida

Spanish speaking telemarketer/scammer saying I won something

786-505-1247: What do you mean scammer? How was he a scammer

786-565-4661: This lady keeps calling my husbands cell

786-505-1247: this person was a scammer on craigslist

786-510-4493: from this number constantly bothers me, not my contact

786-871-7480: unknow user calling me

786-296-0924: This person is not normal! Don't answer or text him or her!