State/Province: Virginia


703-496-9820: Received call from number which sends me an E-mail notice. When I called the number, the system voice states, "Thank you for calling 'Performance.' Your call may be recorded." Then, a different voice informs you, "If you know the extension of your representative, press 1; otherwise press 2 and I will collect some information to transfer your call." Pressing 2, you are then asked by the second voice, "Please enter the account number printed on your letter or your social security number followed by the pound sign and someone will be right with you. If this call is not regarding your account, 'Press zero.'
When you finally reach an actual person and inquire about who is Performance, they inform you they are not at liberty to say. I finally went thru very calmly and got to speak to one "Pam Texas" least this what she told me. She further informed me after my direct question about the number being involved in a payday loan collection scam, she further told me they deal with 'Business Portfolios' and are a legitimate company. be the judge!

703-648-6523: They said the were some company that helps people. It was an automated message. I hung up before it completed it's little speach. I'm a paranoid person in the first place I should known better than to call it back.

703-348-5076: Constantly calling and has ID of "Urgent Alert"

703-534-4315: dont know who is that calling

703-717-5091: Hang up calls - get a lot from this number

703-372-7517: He is trying to pull the same thing on me. Seemed to good to be true. I goggled the phone number and found you thank you for the information before I deposited anything!!!

703-829-0487: They called three times in three hours during the evening of 3/19/14. No message, just a hang-up. Reported each call to the FTC do-not-call registry. Tried to call the number back twice but got a generic voicemail greeting each time ("We can't answer the phone right now.") Who are these people?

703-665-1990: looks like government cowards who think they can operate faith in human rulings, even though they do not have the spirit of Jesus Christ and his salvation wisdom.

703-348-5565: ,sdmcns.dnck

703-372-7517: they say it is a work from home thing i tryed to deposit the check in to my acct. and was told it was bad this is a scam

703-883-3750: A threatening phone call in the name of IRS. IRS had issued a warning about such fraudulent calls/emails.

703-665-1990: Called back on my cell phone. Informed the lady (different than before) that I've been getting collect calls from their number. She said she has no Idea why, as that is a call center for the Washington Post. I told her I was already a subscriber (I'm not), and to please remove my number. She said she'd mark it down. Didn't go through the automated process, this time.. (Weird!)

703-665-1990: Just called them from another number. It's the Washington Post. I have no Idea why they're calling me collect. The representative asked me to stay on the line and go through their automated call list removal. It took about 45 seconds in all. Not helpful, since I called them from a different number, though. :P

703-665-1990: I've been getting calls from this number for about a week, now. Every time I answer, it says it's a collect call from <blank>. "To accept, please press 1". I hang up. There is no one I know that should be calling me collect.

703-829-0487: Call multiple times a day - have just begun documenting times. 7:21 p.m. Thursday. Friday - 8:58 a.m., 9:34 a.m., 9:50 a.m. so far.

703-829-0487: Frequent calls. Frequent hang ups. Voip number could be from anywhere even if caller id says virginia call. They need to stop. Just look at all the complaints on the internet!

703-722-8462: Some cold-calling 'education' telemarketer. I never answered, but did call back, and got a recording for something called 'Degree Match'.

703-596-1810: Collections calling for a person who has no connections to my home. They just hang up if I pick up. called them back to ask why are you calling my number?

703-398-1159: This cell phone is registered in Woodbridge, VA. It might be related to Weststar Mortgage or John Csoka

703-497-5030: He was rude, his name is Jay Bond. He was a disrespectful person