State/Province: New York


646-651-4023: I've received repeated calls w/no message from this number!

646-453-1349: This number has begun calling my home phone, as of this afternoon. Six calls so far. I have not chosen to answer. Paetec Communications? I live in Mississippi and probably wouldn't need what they're selling.

646-453-1349: I get calls three or four times a day from this number and no one is on the line.

646-454-4586: a/n

646-658-3163: egegqr

646-504-1621: This number calls me 24 hours a day. hey call at 6am 2am 4 am 3pm anytime they feel like it. They will not talk to you just call and call and call.

646-583-0870: A A Justin Foster Called, Had A Thick Accent And Said US Government Selecting Random Citizens Who Pay Their Taxes, Have No Violatiins, Etc And Offering A Grant Of 10,200. Ask For Your Bank Account Or Debit (I Studidly Fell For It). At The End They ASk For $200 USD As A Charity Gift To Red Cross. Scam.

646-396-7284: This number called my place of employment had specifc info on me and claim to be from a "State County" Sheriffs department and had arrest papers that they wanted to mail me. Woman had a thick heavy accent and I assume it is a scammer.

646-463-3405: My husband got a phone call from this number today and the guy told him that his brother was injured in a car accident and for confirmation he asked for his name. When my husband refused to cooperate he started cursing.

646-463-3405: Anonymous 7/8/2014
This person phoned saying my brother was injured and asking for personal information. When I wouldn't cooperate he cursed me out. This person should be investigated by the police. After searching (646) 463-3405 I found numerous other people with the same complaint. Beware of this scam. I am contacting the police. "Alex" has called one too many for his scam. Shame on him.

646-783-4324: Yes, this happened to me also. Opening salvo of Verizon Wireless's belligerent bill collecting. If you are a week late with a payment, expect repeated robo-calls, all claiming you must pay up over the phone immediately or your account will be cut. No chance to tell a human your check is in the mail (which mine was, so now I've double paid last months on top of this month's which is already in the mail.) The robo-calls kept coming till I tracked down a different Verizon service number to call and speak to a human.

646-463-3405: Received a call from this number today saying my brother was in a car accident. I told him I didn't have a brother and when I wouldn't give him other info he wanted, he cursed me out so I hung up.

646-463-3405: that my brother has been hurt in an accident. They asked me for my brothers name to confirm. I made up a name and told him 'Doug.' He said yes, that's him, and don't worry, he's ok. I then told him I don't have a brother Doug, so I know he's a scammer. He proceeded to call me a few curse words and then hung up.

646-401-0132: Just got the same call that you all got about 3 hours ago and realized it was a scam. They threatened to lock me up as well as my brother. I called the local sheriff as well as the New York police department were the number seemed to come from and they also said it was a scam. When the so called lawyer left a message for me earlier today he said his name was Scott Miller. Before our phone call ended he said his name was Steve Smith. The police department told me that even if you owed money that you can not be arrested. Its more of a civil case not involving being arrested. I just signed up for Life Lock because I've had it with the whole payday loan foolishness.

646-942-5379: 646-351-1239 SPAM!!!

646-457-4289: Call received no message left. Refuse to return call. No of no one east in NYC with this number.

646-558-6581: number comes up as not in use on phone

646-558-6581: 646 558 6581

646-401-0132: Lol me too.. when u sign up for a card or something they do that. fuck them!!

646-401-0132: Finally able to get through and just like above commenters said they are bringing charges against me for an unpaid online loan. Said it was Merchant Grace (or Greece hard to tell with the accent) Law Office