State/Province: Massachusetts


617-206-3039: I received a call from this number looking for my ex and stating that he is in trouble and needed to call 844-230-9131. Caller was pushy and ended the all abruptly.

617-245-9694: they called me tonight at 8:32, last night at 6:17 PM, saturday afternoon July 12, and July 5th. I hope they give up soon...

617-245-9694: They have been calling me for days

617-245-9694: Another site says it is a landline pay phone. They call every day or every few days no message, all different hours.
(617) 245-9694
Zip Code: 18801

617-245-9694: I got this call on 7/3....did not know number so did not pick up....It came
thru on my cell..after reading the above statements Im glad I did not...

617-752-2982: keeps calling me idk y

617-826-6162: Multiple calls to my daufghter''s cell. For what, exactly ? She's a minor, has no credit card or debt, no loans and all our phones are on the no call registry or is that too hard a concept to grasp? Bloody nuisance!

617-245-9694: I have also been getting calls from this number every day for the past 4 days. I didn't pick it up since I do not know the number. Rotten 1 and Spike, thank you for sharing the information.

617-245-9694: Several calls from that number for a few days. Finally picked up today and the woman leaped right into the "health care survey for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts" and then said, "Why don't we get started?" and then rattled off some age groups, one of which I was meant to pick as mine. I told her I had to turn down music and that I had barely heard the groupings and who was conducting the survey again? She said, "It's for the Commonweatlh of Massachusetts to see how we can get healthcare costs down in your area" and launched into another section of her pitch which was the dispiriting fact that it would take 20 minutes depending how I answered the questions for my household. Again, I said, "Who is conducting this, the Mass Department of Public Health" (she grunted somewhat affirmatively) and then I added that I didn't have that much time. By now she was sounding really on edge about my wanting to know who was conducting the survey, so she bailed by saying she'd try again another time, as if the limitation was my time and not the fact that she wouldn't say exactly who she was conducting the survey for. I never even got around to pointing out that she hadn't done any sort of informed consent process.

617-245-9694: Massachusetts health care survey.

617-245-9694: I just got a call from this number a few hours ago. Same thing, no message. Thought it was weird because I was getting a call from an unknown number on a Sunday.

617-552-5637: This call called and left no message. Caller ID was the number.

617-752-2982: just got a call think it's afreind.

617-500-7022: This is a scammer, I first received this call from this number months ago about a "due balance" on something I know I paid off but they refused to actually prove I owed anything, saying it was my job to prove I paid it. I ignored and blocked the number. I received a phone call today saying that it was now a LAW GROUP not a collection agency, wanting to "help me". When I researched it and found that people were crying "scam" I knew it was right. Going to block the number on my phone i found that it had already been blocked! 100% sure its a scam!

617-245-9694: Calls, leaves no message. I work nights and sleep days. I have no idea who this is.

617-826-6263: Called wanting to sell me a car warranty. Wanted to know the mileage on a car I own.

617-373-1000: This is one of the phone number for Northeastern University, MA.

617-752-2975: I just contacted The person I spoke with said the particular hub service they sold this number to was Omega Services, which hands out these number second hand from to their own vendors. The person then led me to the website where I lodged the following formal legal complaint:
This number keeps calling my home several times a day for the past couple of weeks. 95% of the time there is no-one there, and it disconnects after about 5 seconds. A few times I was able to speak to a person enough to determine they were attempting to sell me a solar service. I told them to remove my number from their list to no avail. The last time they called which was about 5:49PM Pacific time on 5-14-2014, a young man began to mention something about my electric bill being too high. He then mumbled something and said, "I'm gonna get fucking cut off". The line then went dead. Their number cannot be reached as every time I try I get a message saying "Your number cannot be connected at this time. Please try again later". If these calls do not end immediately, I will take action. I may do so anyway due to the last caller's use of profanity. I have young children in my home who may pick up the next time. I expect to hear about some sort of resolution to this harrassment from your office very soon. Take a look on-line and you will see all the others that are complaining. I wish telemarketing would be deemed invasive and end tomorrow!

617-785-5502: name of the owner of the phone

617-752-2975: This number rings a couple times a week and when I answer there is no sound and after about 10 seconds the call disconnects.