State/Province: QC


514-700-7896: Keep getting calls from above number, no one answers Calls sometime 5 or 6 times in a row

514-850-2760: J"ai 14 ans i je reçois des appel 2-3 fois par jour de ce numéro, j'ai répondu quelque fois mais a chaque fois personne ne parle. J'ai parler une fois et j'ai dit que si jamais il rappelait j'appelais les police. Cela a arrêter 2 jours puis recommencer a nouveau.

514-710-1256: Dam telemarkething!!!

514-394-2933: brothering

514-448-5690: Company Fax calling my home at any time.
ID on Phone show "NeufSix" and only hear the fax tone.
Also from different # 514 448-5691, 514 448-6212, 514 448-5687.

514-463-1422: I don't know

514-723-7100: No Comment

514-298-6386: jyut

514-462-0180: ...

514-900-1479: NUMBER IS A SCAM

514-819-1370: I don't pick up, but they keep calling every day and never leave a message.

514-448-2603: Eric from YP Mobile App called from 514-448-2603 stating that I had a contract for their services/products. They emailed the invoice on a Saturday. No Way!! This is a scam!!

514-948-5961: The guy said he was working for Bell Security Department and my driver license in my file wasnt right, He asked me to give him my information so he can make sure that it wasnt a mistake on their side.... After you give your license number, he asked if I had another name... I stop giving him any information, he gave me this number 1-855-558-2355 with my file number and he said to go to a Bell Store wit 2 ID card with picture and to give the number to the guys so they can call to say that it was really me and the real number.... he said that i had 48hrs to do so if not i would have problem..... After the call, i call Bell and ask them what was that about, and they told me i just got FRAUD.. So I went to the police to get a report, call equifax, SAAQ.... DO NOT GIVE ANY INFO TO THIS GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

514-476-9675: thank you

514-819-1368: Mumbled my name a couple times, then hung up.

514-475-5091: plz help

514-322-8108: many times calling

514-850-2760: J'ai reçu quelques appels de ce numéro sur mon cellulaire depuis deux semaines. Je ne réponds pas car je ne le connais pas. Il y avait un message de ce numéro sur ma boîte vocale mais personne ne parlait et ça raccrochait après quelques secondes.

514-555-7274: This number is from Montreal Canada.
It is silence if you try to answer.

514-813-7772: let me try