State/Province: Ohio


513-900-1479: This woman is a fraud, and has been doing this type of stuff for years. She spends lots of time in jail down in Oklahoma. I am a concessionaire, and simply know that you are not going to find a fully equipped food trailer that cheap, come on put her away so she cannot cheat anyone else.

513-726-2013: They are calling for education. After drilling down with Mike they get their leads from when people apllying for student loans (somtyhing my wife and I are currenly doing with our children)job apps. and other various internet inquiries. All I had to say was please remove me from your call list.

513-878-1960: I get several calls a day from this number. No message. Very irritating.

513-900-1479: $2000 for the concession trailer. She even sent me a copy of the supposed title. Sent me a link for ebay and got me excited about the ebay buyer protection policy but I could only pay with Green Dot card for it to work. Noticed the website link that was sent to me was not even ebay in the browser box. Nakeisha Lanette Norton, 1224 Sequioyah Cir, Moore, OK 73160 is on the title and Lanette Butts signed it. Same phone number communicated via text and email address Not every deal is too good to be true but this one just so happened to be. Glad I caught all of this before I left to get the cards. Sucks.

513-442-1738: He told me his name is James Isome from africa. Then he said he love me and want to take care of me,but we never talked its always though facebook. We only been talking 4 three days scarey

513-878-1960: I have received nine (9) calls from this number (3.31.14 thru 6.27.14) and all have been hang-ups (no message left).

513-827-4190: Received a call that stated "we are very concerned for you and will need to speak with you immediately." Received several calls, back to back. I called back after listening to the voicemails. The phone rang 10x and an automated answering service picked up the line. It did not state the name of the business just stated to leave a message. I did not leave a message, however a call was immediately returned. I spoke with a lady and she asked if she could verify information. She them stated that she needed to connect me to a compliance officer. Once on the phone with "Frank Watson" he was able to provide me with very detailed information including : banking institution, previous address, current address, previous employer and social security number. After giving me that information "Frank" stated that I owed $790 immediately or I would need to surrender to authorities or they would come to my residence and detain me this evening. He told me that he would give me an hour to call family to get the money paid. He then offered me to pay 60% and finish the payment within 30 days. Before hanging up he wished me the best and said he wanted me to resolve this issue. If I did not resolve the issue within hours I would be detained on a level 3 felony. Please excuse the misspelled words and poor grammar. I am unable to edit this post. Sarah Austin/Houston Texas

513-686-8609: Has anyone actually received a call back? I received the call I won $1000 and I have not been contacted since. Anyone have contact information? I'm starting to think it was a hoax.

513-686-8609: I won $1000!! Please answer this phone number!

513-785-1769: this is a publication solicitor

513-234-3089: Called and asked for Melissa. No other information provided.

513-686-8609: Dave how long did it take u to get the call? Couldyou provide their email address?

513-686-8609: I answered and won two tickets as well but havent been contacted sine that call. Does anyone know their call back number or how long they took to email you the information or if someone can give me their email address. Thanks.

513-602-1461: Jay Kennedy Cincinnati, OH

513-686-8609: I answered and I just won tickets to the I Heart Radio Music Awards in LA!!!

513-234-3089: They call almost every day

513-301-7713: Phone number kept calling me over and over. I ignored because I don't recognice the number from Ohio and don't know anyone there. Crank call I imagine.

513-301-7715: The person on the phone claimed to be an FBI agent. He asked for my husband, who had passed away 6 months ago. He said my husband was laundering money and if I didn't want to go to prison, I would have to pay $5,000. I called the police and they are investigating it.

513-201-3239: Apparently, this is a legitimate fundraising number for Catholic Relief Services. To try to get off their phone solicitation list phone CRS at 888-277-7575 and ask to be removed. Good Luck.

513-234-3123: this number just called me asked me o confirm my birthday and social securty number