State/Province: Texas


214-390-4696: GECC-debt collector

214-382-9092: The other number is 5126462261

214-382-9092: I had the same guy calling me with no info and said to call back. There is another number that called me with same info. It's all scam. Just google the number and you will see. This is got to be illegal. If not it need to be.

214-808-2890: IDEK

214-440-0271: The political side doesn't matter but you can tell shes black. She asked me if she can talk to the owner; I said no and hung up very nicely. LOL I don't like to get pissed off so that solves that issue.

214-382-9092: Got a voicemail from 214-382-9091. The guy said his name was Joe or Joel Ryan and it was about a "pre legal" matter. He never stated who he was calling for or his company name. Called the number back and spoke with Scott Hunter. He stated that the process server should have already given me papers and that they were moving forward with my account in 72 hours. Stated that in 2007 I got a loan through Arrowhead Investments for $500 and it was never repaid and it was charged off in 2007. I didn't take the loan out and there is not charge off on my credit report from this company! Plus I have only had this cell number for 2 years and today is 7/24/2014. Im gonna say that these guys are a scam!!! Hope this helps someone.

214-329-4721: It is a supposed Legal group who threatens ones job and will call 25 times a day if you answer them ONCE and tell them not to call back

214-440-0271: just got the call. Didn't answer. Heard you can sue if you're on the do not call list.

214-736-7037: This is NCO Financial Systems looking for the wrong person. collector

214-363-8311: This caller called me at almost 6 pm. I answered and no one was there. The Caller ID said "Neiman Marcus"... I don't have a Neiman Marcus card or do business there... Why would they be calling me?? Has to be a scam of some sort.

214-363-8311: Wjy is this number calling me?

214-646-1416: This number calls every day. They are a collection company for a
Local funeral home

214-269-4343: Ringed my cell phone but left no message.

214-919-7890: Scam Callers attempting to extort money from unsuspecting victims report to Police.

214-440-0271: RUDE! Calls daily and hangs up when I say I'm not the business owner. How do you "report" them… this is harassment.

214-440-0271: Person called and would not identify themselves. Caller ID identified them as Express Processing. The lady would onley talk to someone by the name of Dave. They did not even know the name of the business they were calling. They need to process themselves out of the phone business.

214-337-2297: help

214-440-0271: They asked if an address is mine and I said yes...they wanted to come by and talk to me about reducing my costs on my maintainance drugs.....I thought it was express scripts calling and not this express process....will they come by?? I'll have the police here!!!

214-222-9017: Have called me several times over the last few days, but I have a hard time understanding the accent. They say their name is 'Leisure' something, and that I have won $5,000 but after that I get lost. Next time they call I will tell them that I am on the National Do Not Call Registry, and that I am going to report them.

214-613-3663: Company called Degree Match, apparently. They call and never leave a message. They also call multiple times for a lot of people.