No information available for Area Code 002

002-320-0100: They are scammers ! Don't answer the phone.

002-270-5700: I´ve been called bij a fax.

002-442-9987: Persistent calls from this number . Claiming to be from Microsoft .

002-395-8000: why is this number calling on me???

002-320-0100: Received call from same number about half hour ago. DId not pick up and they did not leave a message. Reports above sound like similar calls others I know have received.

002-395-8000: It's Sun Cellular Customer Service.

002-777-5337: who is calling me from 002-777-5337

002-395-8000: a call from 002-395-8000... who's calling?

002-739-2600: right shoulder push

002-410-1163: who is call me and tell me from where?

002-851-2163: which country this number from

002-900-9100: who calling me

002-270-5700: That number is also calling me constantly. I'm from Alicante, Spain. Any idea who that could be?

002-999-0755: Nobody is speaking

002-320-0100: The number 002 is calling me, it is a man with heavy Indian accent saying he is with Microsoft and I have some virus' he can fix. I have told him I am not at a computer to look at it. I am Leary to say I'm not interested because not long ago I received a call from a caman islands and he said I had recently requested college info but I had not and told him I was not interested and he told me to go f--- myself. I could not believe what I was hearing. I truly thought at first he just didn't realize what he was saying but he did, he was mad. I was very confused. People are crazy!

002-270-5700: Constantly calling my landline in Amsterdam, Holland.
Very annoying!

002-631-0975: A girl named jaira informed me that by tomorrow i will received an exclusive card for all good standing payers of Mastercard and Visa. then i ask her where did she get my information then she hang the phone. i'm trying to call back the number yet it continues to be in busy tone.

002-320-0100: I got a call today from a number from Africa 002-320-0100. He was talking in another language while I said hello 3 x. He finally answered in a broken English. He said he was calling from Microsofts maintenance support department. He said their tests showed my Windows 8 computer has several viruses that were a security threat and for a fee they could remotely removed them. I told him "that's interesting, none of my computers are Windows 8" he hung up. I researched the number, many scams have been reported to come from that number. I am going to call Microsoft .